Digital Learning

Traralgon College has established  a Digital Design room at the Senior campus.

In the digital design room at the Grey Street campus, there are a number of innovative practices taking place to ensure students are getting the necessary skills they will need for the future. There are a number of different classes going on from VCE computing, Year 10 IT development to VET Cert 3 in Information Technology.

There are a number of different activities that happen in the room every day to engage the students in a positive and effective way. Students are coding, 3D modelling, drawing, and gaining access to new technologies such as our Micro:bit and Arduino hardware.

For students it is important that they be given the opportunity to see and use the technology that will enable them to undertake the jobs of the future. With this in mind, it is important that students get to develop the skills and knowledge on how to use the technology for problem solving, to build on basic skills taught in other classes.

We have presentation days where you can see the students in action and their work 2 times a year, so keep an eye out for announcements regarding these events.

We are proud to have such a great creative space, and hope to have this space used in the best way to help our students.